About Me

Launched in early 2016, The Casual Luxury is an outlet to share my love of event planning and travel. Whether it’s designing a friend’s bridal shower or a planning a weekend trip with my husband, you can almost always find me looking for my next adventure.

Why The Casual Luxury? To me, Casual Luxury is the perfect term used to describe the little luxuries that can be added into life. Whether it’s a glass of champagne, throwing the perfect dinner party or getting the upgrade at a hotel, it’s the little things that make the experience.

I graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where I graduated with a degree in Hospitality and Event Planning (I swear, it’s a real thing).

After growing up in a small town in Nebraska, I made the move to the Windy City – Chicago. Now working in the finance world, The Casual Luxury is the creative outlet that keeps me sane. Enjoy!