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Fall Capsule Carry-On

Whether it’s a weekend traveling to meet my husband, visit family back home in Nebraska, or spending time with our friends (who have managed to spread themselves across the U.S.), we are constantly on the go. Over the last year, I have really pared down my wardrobe to a neutral palette of classic pieces, making my morning a lot smoother, as well as my last minute packing habits.

In some way I’ve created a “capsule carry-on.” Essentially, I pack the same items each trip, a little differently for each season. Throw in a few accessories to spruce it up, and voilà, my suitcase is packed within 15 minutes. Disclaimer: I will be the first to admit that my wardrobe contains A LOT of black. Find the colors that work best for you and interchange. Also, I add a few “trendy” pieces/accessories to add depth to my wardrobe. 

In the past,  I have mentioned my tips & tricks for packing my carry-on travel tote (here) and what I’ve packed in my carry-on for various specific trips (NYC, Iceland, Summer in Europe). With quite a few weekend trips coming up in the next few weeks, here’s my “Fall Capsule Carry-On:”

These items are currently on the top of my packing pile:

  • White Blouse. I buy a new one of these every other season. I cannot recommend it more!
  • Comfy Tee(s). Have a ton of this brand in my closet, just stocked up on these, and a here’s a 3-pack.
  • Lace Camisole. The perfect layering piece for traveling. Under sweaters, jackets or by itself for date night.
  • Day-to-Night Dress. I have a midi silk dress that usually is my go-to for this, but I found this dress (for under $30).
  • Joggers. These (or these) might be my new favorite thing. I am still trying to figure out the perfect combinations.
  • Tennis Shoes. These are my new favorites, and under $100.
  • Embroidered Boots. These are my dream pair, but I just ordered this pair.
  • Statement Belt. My biggest splurge of the season, but I’ve already gotten so much wear out of it.

What are your go-to pieces for packing light?

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