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Get An Upgrade: The Suitcase

Do you know how long it took me to purchase a real suitcase? Too damn long.

I recently upgraded my suitcase (read: my husband bought me a new one for my birthday), and it honestly has been the biggest game changer while traveling. When I was younger, it was all about that Vera Bradley weekender bag (you know what I’m talking about). However, after a couple long layovers and some trips on the train, my shoulder was wearing out my patience. With a gate change or a long commute to the gate (thank you, ORD), I knew I needed a more efficient suitcase.

With a trip coming up with a few family members (and a few more layovers), I’ve really encouraged everyone to make the upgrade as well. Surprisingly, they were all on board, and may even have nicer bags than me [looking at you, Dad].

What do I look for? Lightweight (check), easy to roll (check, check), and sleek to the eye (check, check, check). Enter: The Away Suitcase. 

With a few new collaborations recently announced (and the holidays around the corner), here’s why an upgraded suitcase should be at the top of our wish list (follow this link for $20 off your bag!):

See More Options Here

Why The Away?

A Built-In Battery. Genius. I hate fighting over plug-ins in the airport or arriving to my destination with a low battery. This bag has made my travels so much smoother simply from this one feature. The battery lasts FOREVA, and doesn’t take up additional space in the suitcase.

Do you ever find yourself having to unexpectedly check your bag? (Boarding Group 4 Problems). Insert: TSA Approved Lock. I always put my most valuable items in my carry-on suitcase. When I find myself checking my bag at the gate, I worry that a) it’s going to get lost or b) someone is going to rifle through it. This feature at least puts one of my fears to rest.

Need to separate your workout clothes from the rest of your wardrobe? You can take advantage of the Dirty Laundry Bag.

The Design. It pains me to see people still pulling their suitcase through the airport or carrying an over-sized bag on their shoulder, both of which used to be me.  This suitcase is seriously lightweight and has 360 degree wheels.

Finally, looking for a bag that embodies you? Or tired of accidentally grabbing the wrong one from baggage claim? Options, options, options. The Away suitcase comes in four sizes, various colors (and always a new collaboration), and my personal favorite: leather stickers.

Still not fully sold on the suitcase? Away offers a 100 day free trial with their bags and a lifetime warranty! I’ve had a few friends get their bags repaired, no questions asked!

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And don’t forget to use this link for $20 off your purchase! 


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