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New York City Packing List: What to Pack for a Weekend

Every once in awhile I packed a really good carry-on. Like no extra items, all worn, mix-and-match, carry-on. Our latest trip to New York City was one of those moments. Packing for a weekend trip, yet alone a weekend in New York City – where there are a million activities and plans are constantly changing – is not an easy feat.

Essentially, this list was created in my notebook, but I added pictures to make it visually appealing – and well, more fun! I included individual outfits AND an overview checklist that you can screenshot on your phone. Here is my New York City packing list outline:

What You'll Need

Outfit Ideas:

The perfect travel day outfit. Layering is my secret when flying. It’s the key when you’re a million degrees in the airport to freezing on the plane. This outfit can be worn off the plane and straight to dinner.

Coffee and Bagel time. A quick morning walk in Central Park is the best way to start Saturday. These pieces can be worn throughout the weekend, in the gym, or to Soul-Cycle.


Time to Eat. This outfit can be used  for dinner or a night out with friends. Worried about being over-dressed or under-dressed? All-black ensembles blend in with any atmosphere.

Comfy clothes, please. Early morning brunch and catching the flight back home requires nothing but comfort. My feet are usually killing me and stretchy pants for all the poor food decisions I’ve made.

What do you pack for a weekend in New York City?

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