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Packing Light: European Summer Edition

Packing Light. For some, it’s the most dreaded part of the trip. We’ve all been there. Hauling an *almost* overweight bag up a few flights of stairs and still having “nothing to wear” while on your trip. I’m sharing my go-to formula for summer trips. With a few personal touches of your own, you’ll find yourself with more than enough outfits.

I’ve decided to continue my European posts and create a small “mini-series” of sorts. With a few quick guides (like this London one) as well as a few tips & tricks posts, it should help make your trip a little less stressful, and A LOT more enjoyable.

So whether you are heading across the Atlantic or someone you know is, be sure to share!

First up: The Packing List! 

A Few Noteworthy Items:

Jean Jacket. I know it’s summer and you’ve seen the forecasts of 80-95 degrees. However, if you find yourself on an air-conditioned plane/train or up in the mountains or by the sea in the evening, you’ll be thankful for this extra layer.
Hat. I never wear a hat in the States. However, when traveling, I never know what my hair situation is going to turn into, so bam, throw on a hat. Or after a few toasty days in the sun, it’s nice to give my skin a break with a little shade.
Flip Flops. Obviously, these are perfect for the beach. However, you never know what your shower situation is going to be like in Europe, so I always have a pair on hand.

The Golden Packing Rules:

The first key to packing light is to not wait til the very last minute. When packing for my trip to Iceland (in a carry on), I began laying my outfits out weeks in advance. I dedicate a small portion of my closet to my “outfit ideas,” then day-by-day I take one piece out of the mix. After a week, and lots of planning, I usually find myself with a nice carry-on sized section.
Stick to a Color Theme. If you know me, you know that my wardrobe consists of one color: black. But for all of you that have colorful wardrobes, I suggest paring your packing list to 2-4 colors. Above, I stuck with a navy/white/black/grey palette.
Cell Phone Plan. Head to your carrier and find out what they can offer for cell phone plans. Sometimes the best option is to take advantage of the free wifi in Europe and enjoy the few hours of disconnection throughout the day.
Don’t Carry Extra Baggage. Limit yourself to two purses on the trip. You don’t need a clutch for every outfit. I recommend a large tote or backpack for day trips, then a crossbody or clutch for the evenings.
Leave the heels at home. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen someone fall in heels on the cobblestone streets of Europe. A cute pair of flats or sandals with work perfectly with your dresses!
Don’t pack something just because “it’s cute.” We are all guilty of this. I swear the day before a trip, I will purchase some random item to wear because “it’s cute.” But in reality, I wear it once and it sits in the bottom of my suitcase the rest of the trip. Traveling is the perfect time to wear your favorite (and comfiest) pieces.

Start laying out your pieces now and you’ll be surprised how light you can pack!

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